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The present study investigated the early presence of inflammatory response in renal tissue of young offspring from diabetic mothers. The effect of L-arginine (L-arg) supplementation was also investigated. The offspring was divided into four groups: group CO (controls); group DO (diabetic offspring); group CA (CO receiving 2% L-arg solution) and group DA (DO(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks, in particular Wireless Body Area Networks, is a technology as allowing blind people, or people with some kind of disability, to live in a safer and comfortable environment One of the most active threats of blind people is variety of obstacles they face while moving in the footpath or coming out from a building.it is necessary to(More)
Important gaps remain in our understanding of the spread of farming into Europe, due partly to apparent contradictions between studies of contemporary genetic variation and ancient DNA. It seems clear that farming was introduced into central, northern, and eastern Europe from the south by pioneer colonization. It is often argued that these dispersals(More)
India is a patchwork of tribal and non-tribal populations that speak many different languages from various language families. Indo-European, spoken across northern and central India, and also in Pakistan and Bangladesh, has been frequently connected to the so-called “Indo-Aryan invasions” from Central Asia ~3.5 ka and the establishment of the caste system,(More)
Background and aims: Maternal undernutrition can induce a range of fetal adaptations, which can lead to permanent alterations in adulthood. Interleukin (IL)-18 play an integral role in tubular injury and the development of renal dysfunction during a variety of inflammatory processes. In this work, we have investigated the impact of intrauterine(More)
Many studies have been performed in predicting periodontal diseases based on genetic information, dental images or patients habits but few have yet used dental visits records. This paper proposes a methodology based on Random Forest to classify the periodontal disease condition of patients and a way to assess the most important features that lead to a(More)
Background and aims: Previous studies from our group have shown that maternal diabetes is an important cause of glomerular hypertrophy in the offpring (DO) and that hypertension linked to an impaiment in the vascular endothelium-dependent relaxation is early detected. The present study was designed to evaluate the expression of cytokines/chemokines in(More)
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