Daniel Vidal-Madjar

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The aim of this paper is to show that Dempster–Shafer evidence theory may be successfully applied to unsupervised classification in multisource remote sensing. Dempster–Shafer formulation allows to consider unions of classes, and to represent both imprecision and uncertainty, through the definition of belief and plausibility functions. These two functions,(More)
[1] Surface roughness is a key parameter for surface-atmosphere exchanges of mass and energy. Only a few field measurements have been performed in arid or semiarid areas where it is an important control of the aeolian erosion threshold. An intensive field campaign was performed in southern Tunisia to measure the lateral cover, Lc, and the aerodynamic(More)
The aim of picture segmentation is the extraction of pertinent and stable areas. Pertinence is the agreement of the detected areas with a physical or semantical property of the object; stability is the robustness of the detection to slight transformations such as geometric or photometric distortions. In aerial picture segmentation, the pertinence of an area(More)
Abstract This paper presents the inclusion of the soil-vegetationatmosphere interactions in a proven conceptual model. This new scheme simulates the daily streamflows over small catchments by taking into account the average characteristics of the surface (soil and vegetation) for the calculation of actual evaporation and évapotranspiration. The model also(More)
The ERASME radar system has been designed to be easily mounted on small helicopters or aircraft. As it is used for research investigations on radar remote-sensing applications, it has to be well calibrated in every configuration, both absolutely and relatively for comparisons at different points of the swath. The data processing is described, which allows(More)