Daniel Varela

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Pace University’s keystroke biometric system is able to identify individuals with a high degree of accuracy. A relatively new dichotomy model system has been developed to support studies of keystroke biometric authentication, and preliminary results with this system have shown promise. The current study extends those authentication experiments and examines(More)
BACKGROUND Absence of the left circumflex artery (LCX) is an extremely rare congenital anomaly of the coronary circulation. While some coronary circulation anomalies are associated with significant complications, including sudden cardiac death and premature atherosclerosis, absence of the LCX is largely considered benign, though it has been associated with(More)
Rumpel-Leede (R-L) phenomenon is the rare event in which the small dermal capillaries of an extremity rupture in response to application of a compressive device to that extremity, such as when inflating a cuff during noninvasive blood pressure monitoring or when applying a tourniquet to draw blood. This capillary rupture results in formation of a petechial(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies have shown that adverse effects of dialysis are associated with increased risk of driving impairment. While recommendations have been made that physicians should place an increased focus on detecting risks for driving impairment among patients on dialysis, there are currently no diagnostic tools designed to help physicians assess(More)
In this work Differential Evolution (DE) was combined with fragment replacement for improving the search of protein structure conformations with minimum energy. The Rosetta environment was used, employing some of its phases for the ab initio prediction in the initialization of the genetic population, as well as its fragment-assembly technique. DE provides a(More)
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