Daniel Valois

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The present study aimed to refine current hypotheses regarding thematic reversal anomalies, which have been found to elicit either N400 or - more frequently - "semantic-P600" (sP600) effects. Our goal was to investigate whether distinct ERP profiles reflect aspectual-thematic differences between Agent-Subject Verbs (ASVs; e.g., 'to eat') and(More)
This paper presents an evaluation of the impact of a program designed to reduce negative attitudes in adolescents towards individuals suffering from mental illness and their relatives. In a quasi-experimental design involving 16 senior high school classes, a group of 214 students participating in the prevention program "Les préjugés ... j'connais pas!"(More)
operator in SpecNegP in the matrix clause in (38b), the unavailability of long construal of perché would remain unexplained. SpecNegP Conversely, where the overt negative marker is an XP (e.g., SE [ not]), the Neg Criterion obliges that one posit the presence of an abstract negative head. The following contrast provides evidence for the presence of an(More)
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