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The measurement of core affect: a Swedish self-report measure derived from the affect circumplex.
Three studies were conducted with the aim of developing a new Swedish self-report measure of core affect (the Swedish Core Affect Scale or SCAS). In Study 1,122 participants rated their current moodExpand
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Experimental evidence of the roles of music choice, social context, and listener personality in emotional reactions to music
Music may arouse intense emotions in listeners, but little is known about the circumstances that contribute to such reactions. Here we report a listening experiment that investigated the roles ofExpand
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Public Views on Policies Involving Nudges
When should nudging be deemed as permissible and when should it be deemed as intrusive to individuals’ freedom of choice? Should all types of nudges be judged the same? To date the debate concerningExpand
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Validation of a Swedish short self-report measure of core affect.
This research aimed at validating two self-report composite rating scales of core affect that are useful when quick assessments are required, for instance, of current mood or recalled, anticipated,Expand
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Neural Underpinnings of the Identifiable Victim Effect: Affect Shifts Preferences for Giving
The “identifiable victim effect” refers to peoples' tendency to preferentially give to identified versus anonymous victims of misfortune, and has been proposed to partly depend on affect. ByExpand
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Affect, Moral Intuition, and Risk
The natural way to deal with moral issues involving risk is to rely on our intuitive feelings. “How bad is it? Well, how bad does it feel?” We can also rely on reason to determine right and wrongExpand
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Emotional reactions to music in a nationally representative sample of Swedish adults
Empirical studies have indicated that listeners value music primarily for its ability to arouse emotions. Yet little is known about which emotions listeners normally experience when listening toExpand
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Affective evaluations of and reactions to exterior and interior vehicle auditory quality
Abstract Affective reactions to and evaluations of auditory stimuli are fundamental components of human perception. In three experiments, participants rated their affective reactions (how pleasant IExpand
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