Daniel Tomaszewski

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Preparation of pH-sensors and structures ready for ion-sensitive coating for in-line water pollution monitoring was the aim of the paper. Au and AgCl electrodes with Au backside contacts were developed using mono-Si substrates. Sequence of manufacturing process was presented. Device series resistance and potentiometric response were positively tested. ISFET(More)
The paper reviews different approaches of the semiconductor device and integrated circuit statistical modeling. A backward propagation of variance method has been used to estimate the EKV compact model parameter distributions. A detailed analysis of this approach has been done in terms of efficiency, and accuracy aspects. The determined distributions of the(More)
The authors address the need for a better understanding of the reasons for greater indebtedness among today's osteopathic medical students. In May 2000, a survey was mailed to all 219 osteopathic interns at participating institutions in Michigan. The self-administered survey contained 19 questions designed to gather basic financial information, demographic(More)
Two simple non-iterative methods of MOSFET threshold voltage parameter extraction are presented. They are valid for threshold voltage-based and charge-based compact models of MOS transistors. The methods take advantage of the features of the model formulae and their derivatives. The methods have been illustrated using both real measurements and data(More)
The design of advanced integrated circuits (IC) in particular for low power analog and radio-frequency (RF) application becomes more complex as the device level modeling confronting challenges in micro- and nano-meter CMOS processes. As present CMOS technologies continue geometry scaling the designers can benefit using dedicated SPICE MOSFET models and(More)
A method for fabrication of junctionless SOI MOS devices for sensor applications is presented in the paper. Two groups of devices, namely FinFET-type devices, and wide MOSFETs have been designed and manufactured in a single process sequence on the same wafer. Electrical measurements of the MOSFETs as well characterization work have been carried out. The(More)
Two approaches for CMOS integrated circuit design taking into account a process variability and oriented towards optimization of a parametric yield have been reviewed. These are a method based on cumulative distribution function, and a so-called worst-case distance method, based on random variable probability density function. In both methods there is an(More)
FinFET devices are extensively investigated due to the prospects for application in the sub-100nm CMOS integrated circuits fabrication. Small size of the FinFETs and the properties of technological processes strongly influence their electrical characteristics. The random variations of the characteristics lead to a mismatch effect critical from the viewpoint(More)
We consider global extraction of parameters of the MOSFET structure with the use of the EKV model. The extraction is defined as a task of minimizing the approximation error which is the discrepancy between the measured and model-generated I–V curves. As a result of the minimization, a set of parameter values is obtained where the minimum is observed.(More)
A MPW service has been arranged in the ITE in order to offer facility to academies for prototyping of CMOS ICs. This service is based on the proprietary CMOS process. The technology has been characterized via electrical measurements of dedicated test structures. The characteristics have been implemented in the form of design kit. Cadence reg design system(More)