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The aging process is associated with gradual and progressive loss of muscle mass along with lowered strength and physical endurance. This condition, sarcopenia, has been widely observed with aging in sedentary adults. Regular aerobic and resistance exercise programs have been shown to counteract most aspects of sarcopenia. In addition, good nutrition,(More)
BACKGROUND Falls have been insufficiently studied in patients on maintenance haemodialysis (MHD). This study assessed the incidence and complications of severe falls and the ability of risk factors, including the Performance-Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA) test, to predict them in this population. METHODS All patients on MHD from our centre were asked(More)
Vitamin D is the main hormone of bone metabolism. However, the ubiquitary nature of vitamin D receptor (VDR) suggests potential for widespread effects, which has led to new research exploring the effects of vitamin D on a variety of tissues, especially in the skeletal muscle. In vitro studies have shown that the active form of vitamin D, calcitriol, acts in(More)
BACKGROUND Fat redistribution, increased inflammation and insulin resistance are prevalent in non-diabetic subjects treated with maintenance dialysis. The aim of this study was to test whether pioglitazone, a powerful insulin sensitizer, alters body fat distribution and adipokine secretion in these subjects and whether it is associated with improved insulin(More)
For many years deficiency of vitamin D was merely identified and assimilated to the presence of bone rickets. It is now clear that suboptimal vitamin D status may be correlated with several disorders and that the expression of 1-α-hydroxylase in tissues other than the kidney is widespread and of clinical relevance. Recently, evidence has been collected to(More)
BACKGROUND A marked elevation of serum leptin is observed soon after the start of peritoneal dialysis (PD), suggesting that leptin production may be stimulated by this treatment. Glucose metabolism is the major factor regulating leptin. The current study was designed to test if glucose-based PD fluids might regulate leptin production in vitro. METHODS(More)
Demonstrated that through brief demythologizing, college students' (N = 32) attitudes toward mental illness could be changed significantly in a non-medical model or psychosocial direction and that this attitude change apparently induced students to report a significantly reduced fear of contracting mental illness. Pretest-follow-up data comparisons(More)
BACKGROUND Protein-energy wasting is a frequent and debilitating condition in maintenance dialysis. We randomly tested if an energy-dense, phosphate-restricted, renal-specific oral supplement could maintain adequate nutritional intake and prevent malnutrition in maintenance haemodialysis patients with insufficient intake. METHODS Eighty-six patients were(More)