Daniel Tenbrinck

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Image segmentation is one of the fundamental problems in computer vision and image processing. In the recent years mathematical models based on partial differential equations and variational methods have led to superior results in many applications, e.g., medical imaging. A majority of works on image segmentation implicitly assume the given image to be(More)
Motion estimation on ultrasound data is often referred to as ‘Speckle Tracking’ in clinical environments and plays an important role in diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases and the identification of abnormal cardiac motion. The impact of physical effects in the process of data acquisition raises many problems for conventional image processing(More)
Segmentation is an essential task in ultrasound image analysis. Recently, the trend in literature is towards incorporation of high-level information, e.g., shape priors, since many low-level segmentation techniques suffer from the characteristics of medical ultrasound images, i.e., speckle noise, scattering artifacts, and shadowing effects. However, the(More)
Multiple statistics show that heart diseases are one of the main causes of mortality in our highly developed societies today. These diseases lead to a change of the physiology of the heart, which gives useful information about characteristic and severity of the defect. A fast and reliable diagnosis is the base for successful therapy. As a first step towards(More)