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Congenital craniofacial disorders represent approximately 20% of all birth defects. One of these disorders is syngnathia, of which only 24 cases have been reported since 1936. Twenty cases involved fusion of the alveolar processes of the maxilla and mandible. Only four are similar to the presented case, which includes bony fusion of the ascending ramus of(More)
A case is described of Burkitt's lymphoma in a nine-year-old Arab boy. The presenting symptom was swelling of the right maxilla, originally diagnosed as a dento-alveolar abscess. The clinical features of African and American Burkitt's lymphoma are compared, and the occurrence of the tumor mainly in the Arab population of Israel is noted.
We compare different scenarios for dendritic melting of alloys with respect to the front propagation velocity. In contrast to conventional dendritic growth, selection can here be also due to the presence of a grain boundary or coherence strains, and the propagation speed is higher. The most favorable situation is partial melting, where two parabolic fronts,(More)
We give a general phenomenological description of the steady-state 1D front propagation problem in two cases: the solidification of a pure material and the isothermal solidification of two-component dilute alloys. The solidification of a pure material is controlled by the heat transport in the bulk and the interface kinetics. The isothermal solidification(More)
We discuss a free boundary problem for two moving solid-liquid interfaces that strongly interact via the diffusion field in the liquid layer between them. This problem arises in the context of liquid film migration (LFM) during the partial melting of solid alloys. In the LFM mechanism the system chooses a more efficient kinetic path which is controlled by(More)
Melting of a bicrystal along the grain boundary is discussed. A triple junction plays a crucial role in the velocity selection problem in this case. In some range of the parameters an entirely analytical solution of this problem is given. This allows us to present a transparent picture of the structure of the selection theory. We also discuss the selection(More)
Benign hypertrophy of the masseter muscle is a relatively uncommon condition which may occur unilaterally or bilaterally. The etiology of the ailment is unclear in the majority of cases, and the histopathological features are usually those of normal muscle. A case of unilateral masseter muscle enlargement is described in a 19-year-old Arab male. The(More)
The morphology diagram of possible structures in two-dimensional diffusional growth is given in the parameter space of undercooling A versus anisotropy of surface tension E. The building block of the dendritic structure is a dendrite with a parabolic tip, and the basic element of the seaweed structure is a doublon. The transition between these structures(More)