Daniel Tapias Merino

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In this paper we present a new speech rate classifier (SRC) which is directly based on the dynamic coefficients of the feature vectors and it is suitable to be used in real time. We also report the study that has been carried out to determine what parameters of speech are the best regarding the speech rate classification problem. In this study we analyse(More)
Statistical language models provide a powerful tool to model natural spoken language. Nevertheless it is required a large set of training sentences to reliably estimate the model parameters. In this paper we present a method to estimate n-gram probabilities from sparse data. The proposed language modeling strategy allows to adapt a generic language model(More)
In this work, we present an experimental analysis of a Dialogue System for the au-tomatization of simple telephone services. Starting from the evaluation of a preliminar version of the system we 1 conclude the necessity to desing a robust and flexible system suitable to have to have different dialogue control strategies depending on the characteristics of(More)
The evaluation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems is still an open problem demanding further research progress from the research community to establish general evaluation frameworks. In this paper we present an experimental multilevel annotation process to be followed during the testing phase of Spoken Language Dialogue Systems (SLDSs). Based on(More)