Daniel T. Martinez

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The origin of arachidonic acid (AA) found in the epidermis is not known. Two possibilities exist: either de novo synthesis within the epidermal keratinocyte, or transport of AA formed at distant tissue sites. The current study examined the ability of cultured murine and human keratinocytes to metabolize exogenously added linoleic acid (LA). Conversion of(More)
The in vitro incubation of murine keratinocytes in the presence of 1 alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 enhanced the rapid hydrolysis of the prelabeled keratinocyte polyphosphoinositides (polyPtdIns) when compared to untreated cells. The rapid hydrolysis of the polyPtdIns and the release of the inositol phosphates (particularly InsP3 and InsP2) precede the onset(More)
The relationship between the turnover of inositol phospholipids (PtdIns) and the growth and differentiation of normal murine keratinocytes in culture was studied. Addition of myo-[U-14C]inositol to freshly plated cells resulted in a linear incorporation of radiolabel into the inositol phospholipids of the proliferating basal cells in culture during the(More)
We report the first measurement of the transverse momentum dependence of double-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive production of pions in deep-inelastic scattering off the longitudinally polarized proton. Data have been obtained using a polarized electron beam of 5.7 GeV with the CLAS detector at the Jefferson Lab (JLab). Modulations of single spin(More)
Performance analysis tools are powerful tools for high performance computing. By breaking down a program into how long the CPUs are taking on each process (profiling) or showing when events take place on a timeline over the course of running a program (tracing), a performance analysis tool can tell the programmer exactly, where the computer is running(More)
Exclusive π(0) electroproduction at a beam energy of 5.75 GeV has been measured with the Jefferson Lab CLAS spectrometer. Differential cross sections were measured at more than 1800 kinematic values in Q(2), x(B), t, and ϕ(π), in the Q(2) range from 1.0 to 4.6  GeV(2), -t up to 2  GeV(2), and x(B) from 0.1 to 0.58. Structure functions σ(T)+ϵσ(L), σ(TT), and(More)
Police body cameras are increasingly being used in many places. While body cameras do promote accountability, there are concerns over the loss of privacy as a result of these cameras. Police departments have tried to balance these two concerns by training officers on what incidents to record, and what not to record. However, the existing approach is error(More)
A key device in future high speed short reach interconnect technology will be the optical modulator. These devices, in silicon, have experienced dramatic improvements over the last 6 years and the modulation bandwidth has increased from a few tens of MHz to over 30 GHz. However, the demands of optical interconnects are significant. Here we describe an(More)
The incorporation of precursor 14C-myoinositol into the three cellular inositol phospholipids (PtdIns, PtdInsP, and PtdInsP2) of cultured, rapidly proliferating keratinocytes is significantly enhanced by the exogenous addition of a high concentration (1 X 10(-7) M) of all-trans retinoic acid or its analog 13-Cis analog, whereas a similar incubation with a(More)