Daniel T. Lee

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This study examined the effects of needle-free electroacupuncture, at ST36 on postoperative pain following hysterectomy. Based on a double-blind, sham and different intervention controlled clinical experimental design, 47 women were randomly allocated to four different groups. Except for those in the control group (Group 1, n = 13), a course of treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Silent corticotrph adenomas represent a distinct pathological subtype of non-functioning pituitary adenomas that are traditionally believed to carry a more aggressive biological behavior and higher potential for recurrence. METHODS We conducted a retrospective review of all silent corticotroph adenomas treated and followed at our institution(More)
Purpose: To compare white matter neuron density across 3 regions, prefrontal, temporal, and posterior parietal (PFC, TE, PP) in macaque monkey, with further analysis of subdivisions within the gyral white matter. Methods: Histological tissue from three adult macaque monkeys, previously prepared with the neuron-specific pan-neuronal marker Neuronal-N, was(More)
Increasing demand for high bandwidth networks has prompted the use of fiber optics as the next step for physical medium. We develop the data-link layer, in hardware, required to transmit IP packets over SONET. In particular, we design the byte-wide HDLC controller that frames PPP-encapsulated network-layer packets, as described in RFC 1662, "PPP in(More)