Daniel T Hog

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The chemical modification of structurally complex fermentation products, a process known as semisynthesis, has been an important tool in the discovery and manufacture of antibiotics for the treatment of various infectious diseases. However, many of the therapeutics obtained in this way are no longer effective, because bacterial resistance to these compounds(More)
Nitidasin is a pentacyclic sesterterpenoid with a rare 5-8-6-5 carbon skeleton that was isolated from the Peruvian folk medicine "Hercampuri". It belongs to a small class of sesterterpenoids that feature an isopropyl trans-hydrindane moiety fused to a variety of other ring systems. As a first installment of our general approach toward these natural(More)
Astellatol and nitidasin belong to a subset of sesterterpenoids that share a sterically encumbered trans-hydrindane motif with an isopropyl substituent. In addition, these natural products feature intriguing polycyclic ring systems, posing significant challenges for chemical synthesis. Herein, the evolution of our stereoselective strategy for isopropyl(More)
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