Daniel T. Fokum

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—Cargo shipments are subject to hijack, theft, or tampering. Furthermore, cargo shipments are at risk of being used to transport contraband, potentially resulting in fines to shippers. The Transportation Security Sensor Network (TSSN), which is based on open software systems and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles, has been developed to mitigate(More)
The secure delivery of data between a source node and a sink node is an open problem in wireless sensor networks. We review the security model used for The University of Kansas's SensorNet project, and discuss how it might be improved by using a secure routing protocol. In this paper we extend work done in developing multipath extensions to AODV. Unlike(More)
We examine the gender balance of students in the Computer Science programme at a prominent Caribbean university---with campuses in Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad---from three perspectives: enrollment, retention and completion. In the US, in 2011, females accounted for approximately 17.7% of all graduands with a computing degree. These numbers are(More)
Exports from Asia to the United States have increased significantly in recent years, causing congestion at ports on the Pacific coast of the United States. To alleviate this congestion, some groups want to ship goods by rail directly from ports to inland intermodal traffic terminals. However, for such an effort to succeed, shippers must have " visibility "(More)
Multiple communications, networking, and computer platforms are available for sensor network applications, ranging from motes to complex sensor nodes; which include fully configured computers. Several of these platforms were evaluated for use in a SensorNet architecture with multiple owners. A unique feature of this endeavor is that it goes beyond basic(More)
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