Daniel T. Fitzpatrick

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This retrospective study examines the relationship of multiplace chamber compression rates and the influence of several predisposing factors on the risk of symptomatic barotrauma. Data were reviewed from a 3-yr period for 111 patients who received 2,394 routine hyperbaric oxygen treatments. A total of 35 patients reported symptoms of barotrauma, with an(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy is defined as treatment in which a patient breathes 100% oxygen while under a pressure greater than one atmosphere. The efficacy of hyperbaric therapy is based on a reduction in volume of gas-filled spaces; and an elevation of the partial pressure of oxygen resulting in hyperoxygenation of perfused tissues. Multiple animal(More)
Hearing loss in the aviation environment has been attributed to a variety of factors ranging from aircraft noise exposure to the aging process. Consequently, this study was conducted to determine the relative contribution of age, total flight hours, type of aircraft, and use of hearing protection to hearing loss in U.S. Army aviators. Information from a(More)
Trauma-induced compartment syndrome and other acute traumatic peripheral ischemias have been effectively treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We describe a case of compartment syndrome associated with an acute exertional injury. After surgical decompression, hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduced edema and improved tissue viability. The mechanisms of(More)
Data from the US Army Health Risk Appraisal Program were used to compare health and fitness levels in flight and nonflight personnel. Survey data collected from an aviation brigade, consisting of 428 aircrew and 899 support personnel, were compared with US Army summary statistics. Flight personnel scored better on evaluation of hypertension, stress, weight(More)
Although visual changes are considered a common finding in Type II altitude-related decompression sickness (DCS), the specific symptoms have not been described. To better understand the visual symptomatology of neurologic DCS, 38 cases of neurologic DCS that identified visual changes (on file at the Davis Hyperbaric Medicine Laboratory, Brooks AFB, TX) were(More)
INTRODUCTION There is limited data about the long-term pulmonary effects of nitrox use in divers at shallow depths. This study examined changes in pulmonary function in a cohort of working divers breathing a 46% oxygen enriched mixture while diving at depths less than 12 m. METHODS A total of 43 working divers from the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL),(More)
The artwork of integrated circuit designs is usually available in the form of hierarchical specification, in which each cell is made up of geometric primitives and references to other cells. Such a representation captures structure and repetition in the layout. As the realizable device count of integrated circuits increases with every passing year there is(More)
16. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTATION Reproduction of a periodical article appearing in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 59(10): 937-941 (October 1988) 17. COSATI CODES 18. SUBJECT TERMS (Continue on reverse if necessary and identify by block number) FIELD GROUP SUB-GROUP Noise Exposure, Presbycusis 06 04 Significant Threshold Shift 01 02 19. ABSTRACT(More)