Daniel Swan

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Natural antisense transcripts (NATs) are important regulators of gene expression. Recently, a link between antisense transcription and the formation of endo-siRNAs has emerged. We investigated the bi-directionally transcribed Na/phosphate cotransporter gene (Slc34a1) under the aspect of endo-siRNA processing. Mouse Slc34a1 produces an antisense transcript(More)
MOTIVATION Annotations are a key feature of many biological databases, used to convey our knowledge of a sequence to the reader. Ideally, annotations are curated manually, however manual curation is costly, time consuming and requires expert knowledge and training. Given these issues and the exponential increase of data, many databases implement automated(More)
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing is a recent commercial endeavor that allows the general public to access personal genomic data. The growing availability of personal genomic data has in turn stimulated the development of non-commercial tools for DTC data analysis. Despite this new wealth of public resources, no systematic research has been carried(More)
We describe the pioneering experience of a Spanish family pursuing the goal of understanding their own personal genetic data to the fullest possible extent using Direct to Consumer (DTC) tests. With full informed consent from the Corpas family, all genotype, exome and metagenome data from members of this family, are publicly available under a public domain(More)
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