Daniel Stolarski

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A leading interpretation of the electron/positron excesses seen by PAMELA and ATIC is dark matter annihilation in the galactic halo. Depending on the annihilation channel, the electron/positron signal could be accompanied by a galactic gamma ray or neutrino flux, and the non-detection of such fluxes constrains the couplings and halo properties of dark(More)
This paper describes the physics case for a new fixed target facility at CERN SPS. The SHiP (search for hidden particles) experiment is intended to hunt for new physics in the largely unexplored domain of very weakly interacting particles with masses below the Fermi scale, inaccessible to the LHC experiments, and to study tau neutrino physics. The same(More)
The ratio of the Higgs couplings to WW and ZZ pairs, λ_{WZ}, is a fundamental parameter in electroweak symmetry breaking as well as a measure of the (approximate) custodial symmetry possessed by the gauge boson mass matrix. We show that Higgs decays to four leptons are sensitive, via tree level or one-loop interference effects, to both the magnitude and, in(More)
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