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Literature on seasonality of leukaemia shows conflicting results. We analysed the month of diagnosis of acute leukaemia in East Anglia, UK, for the period 1971-94, which showed a significant 40% summer excess (P < 0.001) for acute lymphocytic leukaemia both in children (P < 0.01) and adults (P = 0.01). Methodology, results and possible aetiological(More)
We performed a preliminary investigation into which hospitals would benefit from investment and development, and which should have services restricted, with respect to the implementation of the Calman-Hine strategy of specialist cancer care. A retrospective study approach was used implementing uniform definitions for colon, rectal, breast, melanoma, bladder(More)
Increased awareness and improved diagnostic techniques have led to earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer and increased detection of subclinical cases, resulting in improved prognosis. We postulated that the considerable increase in incidence under age 60 is not attributable only to increased detection. To test this hypothesis, we studied incidence, mortality(More)
We study the quantum walk search algorithm of Shenvi, Kempe, and Whaley [PRA 67 052307 (2003)] on data structures of one to two spatial dimensions, on which the algorithm is less efficient than in three or more spatial dimensions. Our aim is to understand why the quantum algorithm is dimension dependent whereas the best classical algorithm is not, and to(More)
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