Daniel Stephen Greenbaum

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The Health Effects Institute, established in 1980, is an independent and unbiased source of information on the health effects of motor vehicle emissions. HEI supports research on all major pollutants, including regulated pollutants (such as carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter), and unregulated pollutants (such as diesel engine(More)
OBJECTIVES The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is working toward gaining a better understanding of the human health impacts of exposure to complex air pollutant mixtures and the key features that drive the toxicity of these mixtures, which can then be used for future scientific and risk assessments. DATA SOURCES A public workshop was held in Chapel(More)
Reciprocal space measurements of spin diffusion in a single crystal of calcium fluoride (CaF2) have been extended to dipolar ordered states. The experimental results for the component of the spin diffusion rate parallel to the external field are D(parallel)(D)=29+/-3x10(-12) cm(2)/s for the [001] direction and D(parallel)(D)=33+/-4x10(-12) cm(2)/s for the(More)
Received for publication May 23, 2001, and accepted for publication August 30, 2001. Abbreviations: CASAC, Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee; EPA, US Environmental Protection Agency; PM 10 , standard for coarse particulate matter; PM 2.5 , standard for fine particulate matter. 1 Health Effects Institute, Cambridge, MA. 2 Office of Air Quality Planning(More)
It is shown that the diagrammatic cluster expansion technique for equilibrium averages of spin operators may be straightforwardly extended to the calculation of time-dependent correlation functions of spin operators. We use this technique to calculate exactly the first two non-vanishing moments of the spin-spin and energy-energy correlation functions of the(More)
UNLABELLED Exposure to particulate matter (PM) is associated with adverse health outcomes. There has long been a question as to whether some components of the PM mixture are of greater public health concern than others so that the sources that emit the more toxic components could be controlled. In this paper, we describe the National Particle Component(More)
We have studied the transport of magnetization and energy in systems of spins 1/2 on a lattice at high temperature. This work was motivated by recent experiments which observed "spin diffusion" among the dipolar coupled nuclear spins of the insulator calcium fluoride, under conditions where it was appropriate to neglect the coupling to any heat reservoir.(More)
This prepublication version of The Science Basis for Estimating Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations has been provided to the public to facilitate timely access to the committee's findings. Although the substance of the report is final, minor editorial changes may be made throughout the text and citations will be checked prior to publication. The(More)
PLANNING IN ITS POLITICAL CONTEXT: Developing Organizational Strategies for the Planning Agency by Daniel Stephen Greenbaum Submitted to the Department of Urban Studies and Planning on August 9, 1974, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of City Planning. Planners are trained to provide rational technical analysis of public(More)
We present a quantum algorithm for simulating the dynamics of a first-quantized Hamiltonian in real space based on the truncated Taylor series algorithm. We avoid the possibility of singularities by applying various cutoffs to the system and using a high-order finite difference approximation to the kinetic energy operator. We find that our algorithm can(More)