Daniel Stephan

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CO(2) sensation represents an interesting example of nervous system and behavioral evolutionary divergence. The underlying molecular mechanisms, however, are not understood. Loss of microRNA-279 in Drosophila melanogaster leads to the formation of a CO(2) sensory system partly similar to the one of mosquitoes. Here, we show that a novel allele of the(More)
BACKGROUND Toxicity of the local anesthetic bupivacaine (BV) has been a matter of debate across medical fields. Numerous in vitro studies demonstrate considerable toxicity of BV on various cell types. PURPOSE This study addresses the question of how tendon tissue responds to BV in vivo and in vitro. STUDY DESIGN Controlled laboratory study. METHODS In(More)
Two emulsions and two water-based-formulations of freeze dried submerged spores of Metarhiziumanisopliae var. acridum (Metch.) Sorokin(isolate IMI 330189) were compared with aerialconidia (GREEN MUSCLETM) for their efficacyagainst Hieroglyphus daganensis (Krauss)and Locusta migratoria (R. & F.). Thefield experiments were conducted in East Nigeron H.(More)
OBJECTIVES Intramedullary nails with special lag screw designs may provide improved mechanical performance and alleviate clinical problems. We hypothesize that the proximal design of trochanteric nails affects mechanical performance. METHODS Ten pairs of human cadaveric femora were implanted with 2 different short intramedullary nails without (Gamma3) and(More)
The formation of neuronal circuits is a key process of development, laying foundations for behavior. The cellular mechanisms regulating circuit development are not fully understood. Here, we reveal Psidin as an intracellular regulator of Drosophila olfactory system formation. We show that Psidin is required in several classes of olfactory receptor neurons(More)
BACKGROUND Metatarsocuneiform (MTC) fusion is a treatment option for management of hallux valgus. We compared the biomechanical characteristics of an internal fixation device with plantar plate fixation. METHODS Seven matched pairs of feet from human cadavers were used to compare the intramedullary (IM) device plus compression screw to plantar plate(More)
Since footwear is commonly used every day, its influence on knee joint loading and thereby on the development and progression of osteoarthritis may be crucial. So far the influence of footwear has been examined only indirectly. The aim of this study was to directly measure the effect of footwear on tibiofemoral contact loads during walking. Instrumented(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Spinal deformity surgery in elderly patients is associated with an increased risk of implant loosening due to failure at the screw-bone interface. Several techniques can be used to increase the screw anchorage characteristics. Cement-augmented screw fixation was shown to be the most efficient method; however, this technique is associated(More)
Using potential fields is a technique seldom used in RoboCup scenarios. The existing approaches mainly concentrate on world state representations of single actions such as a kick. In this paper we will show how to apply potential fields to assist fast and precise decisions in an easy and intuitive way. We go beyond the existing approaches by using potential(More)
Patients with calcaneus fractures experience considerable interferences with daily living activities. The quality of anatomical reconstruction is important because of its influence on functional outcome. The aim of this study was to develop an automatic algorithm based on computer tomographic (CT) images to quantify the integrity of calcaneal joint(More)