Daniel Steinwede

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There is a long tradition of investigating various disorders of musical abilities after stroke. These impairments, associated with acquired amusia, can be highly selective, affecting only music perception (i.e., receptive abilities/functions) or expression (music production abilities), and some patients report that these may dramatically influence their(More)
▂ Bayern Herrn Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Dieter Allescher 85835 Höhenkirchen Herrn Dr. med. univ. Pristina Bekim Balidemaj 86316 Friedberg Herrn Dr. med. Franz Rustige 82497 Unterammergau Herrn Michael Vornlachner 91096 Möhrendorf Frau Dr. med. Daniela Wendelin 93049 Regensburg ▂ Berlin Herrn Dr. med. Patrick Illigens 10435 Berlin Herrn Klaus Walldorf 13187(More)
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