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STUDY DESIGN Data was gathered from biomechanical testing of 10 thoracic human cadaveric spines. Spines were tested intact and with a Luque rectangle fixed with wire or cable. OBJECTIVES To compare the rigidity of fixation and intraspinal penetration of sublaminar monofilament wire and multistrand cable under identical conditions using human cadaveric(More)
Biomaterials based on natural materials including decellularized tissues and tissue-derived hydrogels are becoming more widely used for clinical applications. Because of their native composition and structure, these biomaterials induce a distinct form of the foreign body response that differs from that of non-native biomaterials. Differences include direct(More)
s: L. Millard, D.Woodward, and W.Stamer. Prostaglandin EP4 Receptor Activation Increases Outflow Facility in Perfused Human Eyes. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 2010 51: E-Abstract 151 L. Highstrom, D. Woodward, and W. Stamer. Characterization of Prostaglandin EP4 Receptors in Human Conventional Outflow Cells. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 2009 50:(More)
16 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 18 1.1 Nervous System Plasticity: A Brief Synopsis 18 1.2 Development of the Neuromuscular Junction: A General 19 Overview 19 1.2.a Early Development of the Neuromuscular Junction: 20 1.2.b Initial Contact: 20 1.2.C Junctional Maturation: 22 1.2.c.i Presynaptic Differentiation: 22 1.2.c.ii Synapse Elimination: 23 1.2.c.iii(More)
Short distance public transport faces huge challenges, although it is very important within a sustainable transport system to reduce traffic emissions. Revenues and subsidization are decreasing and especially in rural regions the offer is constantly diminishing. New approaches for public transport systems are strongly needed to avoid traffic infarcts in(More)
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