Daniel Stöckel

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Deregulation of cell signaling pathways plays a crucial role in the development of tumors. The identification of such pathways requires effective analysis tools that facilitate the interpretation of expression differences. Here, we present a novel and highly efficient method for identifying deregulated subnetworks in a regulatory network. Given a score for(More)
The Biochemical Algorithms Library (BALL) is a comprehensive rapid application development framework for structural bioinformatics. It provides an extensive C++ class library of data structures and algorithms for molecular modeling and structural bioinformatics. Using BALL as a programming toolbox does not only allow to greatly reduce application(More)
UNLABELLED The deregulation of biochemical pathways plays a central role in many diseases like cancer or Parkinsons's disease. In silico tools for calculating these deregulated pathways may help to gain new insights into pathogenic mechanisms and may open novel avenues for therapy stratification in the sense of personalized medicine. Here, we present(More)
The relevant HIV data sets used for predicting outcomes of HIV combination therapies suffer from several problems: different treatment backgrounds of the samples, uneven representation with respect to the level of therapy experience and uneven therapy representation. Also, they comprise only viral strain(s) that can be detected in the patients’ blood serum.(More)
MOTIVATION Web-based workflow systems have gained considerable momentum in sequence-oriented bioinformatics. In structural bioinformatics, however, such systems are still relatively rare; while commercial stand-alone workflow applications are common in the pharmaceutical industry, academic researchers often still rely on command-line scripting to glue(More)
BACKGROUND Gingival enlargement is a clinical condition that has been widely studied and is directly associated with specific local or systemic conditions. It is very rare that gingival enlargement presents without a clear underlying etiology. METHODS A 24-year-old African American female presented with gingival enlargement that manifested postpartum and(More)
High-throughput genetic testing is increasingly applied in clinics. Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis however still remains a great challenge. The interpretation of pathogenicity of single variants or combinations of variants is crucial to provide accurate diagnostic information or guide therapies. To facilitate the interpretation of variants(More)
Summary Causal Bayesian Networks are a special class of Bayesian networks in which the hierarchy directly encodes the causal relationships between the variables. This allows to compute the effect of interventions, which are external changes to the system, caused by e.g. gene knockouts or an administered drug. Whereas numerous packages for constructing(More)