Daniel Spindler

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A series of lipid-accumulating yeasts was examined for their potential to saccharify xylan and accumulate triglyceride. Of the genera tested, including Candida, Cryptococcus, Lipomyces, Rhodosporidium, Rhodotorula, and Trichosporon, only Cryptococcus and Trichosporon isolates saccharified xylan. All of the strains could assimilate xylose and accumuate(More)
It is the aim of the present work to introduce a new concept for methane production by the interaction of a glycolate-excreting alga (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) and methanogenic microbes operating in separate compartments within one photobioreactor. This approach requires a minimum number of metabolic steps to convert light energy to methane thereby(More)
Submerged fermentation in a stirred bioreactor of the white rot fungus Cerrena unicolor C-139 was done at a 120-L scale in the presence of wheat bran as a cheap lignocellulosic substrate for fungus growth and laccase production. Enzyme monitoring showed that laccase production started after 2 days of cultivation, attaining a maximum activity of 416.4(More)
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