Daniel Smullen

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Elderly residents of rural areas are at significant risk for mental health problems, yet have less access to mental health services. Thus, most mental health problems among rural elderly remain either undiagnosed or untreated. We describe two models of mental health outreach programs to rural elderly in Iowa and Virginia, serving demographically,(More)
—Mobile and web applications increasingly leverage service-oriented architectures in which developers integrate third-party services into end user applications. This includes identity management, mapping and navigation, cloud storage, and advertising services, among others. While service reuse reduces development time, it introduces new privacy and security(More)
As information systems become increasingly interdependent, there is an increased need to share cybersecurity data across government agencies and companies, and within and across industrial sectors. This sharing includes threat, vulnerability and incident reporting data, among other data. For cyberattacks that include sociotechnical vectors, such as phishing(More)
Eddy is a privacy requirements specification language that privacy analysts can use to express requirements over data practices; to collect, use, transfer and retain personal and technical information. The language uses a simple SQL-like syntax to express whether an action is permitted or prohibited, and to restrict those statements to particular data(More)
The complex needs of psychogeriatric patients and their families require specialized outpatient psychogeriatric services. The interaction of physical and mental health and the need for coordinated care places important responsibilities on nursing because it contributes to integrated, multidisciplinary care delivery to these patients and their families. This(More)
Although other disciplines involved in the care of geriatric patients with psychiatric or neurobehavioral problems have established assessment procedures, this is not the case for nursing. Some approaches to assessing geropsychiatric patients from a nursing perspective have been proposed (Baldwin, 1987; Burnside, 1981; Ninos, 1985), but they have been(More)
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