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This study identified acoustic patterns in the speech samples of 26 esophageal speakers judged by experienced listeners to be highly proficient and intelligible. Tape-recorded readings were acoustically analyzed in terms of frequency, intensity, and duration variables. Application of two multidimensional statistical procedures, factor analysis and cluster(More)
— A sensing estimation scheme is presented that combines analog and threshold sensing on a piezoelectric microactuator for calibration of microscale inertial sensors. Using a variation of the Kalman filter, an asynchronous threshold sensor improves state estimates obtained from less reliable analog sensor measurements of microactuator motion. The resulting(More)
— A threshold sensing strategy for improving measurement accuracy of a piezoelectric microactuator in calibration of miniature Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) is presented. An asynchronous threshold sensor is hypothesized as a way to improve state estimates obtained from analog sensor measurements of microactuator motion. To produce accurate periodic(More)
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