Daniel Siqueira

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—In this paper, instructional material on the design of robust controllers that applies to introductory graduate or advanced undergraduate courses on control is provided. The main objective is the presentation of key concepts and interpretations that help students learn robust control design. The use of recently developed techniques in robust control such(More)
We investigated the Amblyomma fuscum load on a pullulating wild rodent population and the environmental and biological factors influencing the tick load on the hosts. One hundred and three individuals of Thrichomys laurentius were caught in an Atlantic forest fragment in northeastern Brazil, as part of a longitudinal survey on ticks infesting non-volant(More)
This work presents the development of a flight control law design structure, based on the H ∞ and µ synthesis theory. The design criteria includes usual robustness and performance requirements related to parameters uncertainty in the vicinity of the design point. In addition, the conventional mixed sensitivity design scheme is changed to comply with(More)
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