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—Understanding the implementation of a certain feature of a system requires identification of the computational units of the system that contribute to this feature. In many cases, the mapping of features to the source code is poorly documented. In this paper, we present a semiautomatic technique that reconstructs the mapping for features that are triggered(More)
Understanding a system's implementation without prior knowledge is a hard task for reengineers in general. However, some degree of automatic aid is possible. In this paper, we present a technique building a mapping between the system's externally visible behavior and the relevant parts of the source code. Our technique combines dynamic and static analyses(More)
This paper describes an original system, Orccad, for the computer-aided design of robot controllers. Accessed by three diierent user levels (system, control and application), it proposes a coherent approach from a high level speciication down to its implementation, and ooers several tools for design, display and test. Following a critical study of the main(More)
The first task of a programmer who wants to understand how a certain feature is implemented is to localize the implementation of the feature in the code. If the implementations of a set of related features are to be understood , a programmer is interested in their commonalities and variabilities. For large and badly documented programs , localizing features(More)
The reflexion model originally proposed by Murphy and Notkin allows one to structurally validate a descriptive or prescriptive architecture model against a source model. First, the entities in the source model are mapped onto the architectural model, then discrepancies between the architecture model and source model are computed automatically. The original(More)
Feature component maps describe which components are needed to implement a particular feature and are used early in processes to develop a product line based on existing assets. This paper describes a new technique to derive the feature component map and additional dependencies utilizing dynamic information and concept analysis. The method is simple to(More)
This paper introduces a new Web mining approach that combines social network analysis and automatic sentiment analysis. We show how weighting the forum posts of the contributors according to their network position allow us to predict trends and real world events in the movie business. To test our approach we conducted two experiments analyzing online forum(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the involvement of cytokine production in neurotrauma, there is still controversy regarding cytokines levels and clinical outcome following severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to investigate whether cytokine levels (of IL-1β, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12p70 and TNF-α) are associated with primary(More)
—This paper deals with the adaptation of a real-time controller's sampling period to account for the available computing resource variations. The design of such controllers requires a parameter-dependent discrete-time model of the plant, where the parameter is the sampling period. A polytopic approach for LPV (Linear Parameter Varying) systems is then(More)