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A new biorelevant dissolution method for orodispersible films.
Specific knowledge about the dissolution behavior under biorelevant conditions is of high interest for the rational development of orodispersible films (ODFs). As the conditions in the oral cavityExpand
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A Novel Method for Clinical Cochlear Duct Length Estimation toward Patient-Specific Cochlear Implant Selection
Objective In the field of cochlear implantation, the current trend toward patient-specific electrode selection and the achievement of optimal audiologic outcomes has resulted in implant manufacturersExpand
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The OpenEar library of 3D models of the human temporal bone based on computed tomography and micro-slicing
The OpenEar Dataset provides a library consisting of eight three-dimensional models of the human temporal bone to enable surgical training including colour data. Expand
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Challenging aspects of contemporary cochlear implant electrode array design
Objective A design comparison of current perimodiolar and lateral wall electrode arrays of the cochlear implant (CI) is provided. The focus is on functional features such as acoustic frequencyExpand
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Advanced Material Modeling in a Virtual Biomechanical Knee
For clinicians and medical device manufacturers, in-vitro and in-vivo testing of the knee are important methods for evaluating treatment techniques. However, numerical models that can provide much ofExpand
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Joint effects of brood size and resource availability on sibling competition
The evolution of sibling competition is promoted when the brood's demand for resources (brood size) exceeds the parents' supply of resources (resource availability). However, little is known aboutExpand
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Applicability of two automated disintegration apparatuses for rapidly disintegrating (mini)tablets
A qualification procedure for two automated disintegration apparatuses, OD-mate and Hermes apparatus, is introduced to assess the applicability of them. Expand
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Interrelation between Disintegration, Dissolution and Permeation of Orodispersible Films (ODFs) Containing Ketoprofen
Sodium hydroxide solution as solvent transferred ketoprofen from the poorly soluble acidic form to the freely soluble sodium salt. Faster disintegration (500 µm: 9.67 s) and dissolution (releaseExpand
Ligament Property Optimization Within a Virtual Biomechanical Knee
Specimen-specific modeling of the knee can be an effective tool for understanding knee mechanics [1–2]. It can also serve as a design tool for orthopaedic implant design through enhancingExpand