Daniel Shoemaker

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A megatrend triad comprised of cloud computing, converged mobile devices, and consumerization presents complex challenges to organizations trying to identify, assess, and mitigate risk. Cloud computing offers elastic just-in-time services without infrastructure overhead. However, visibility and control are compromised. Converged mobile devices offer(More)
This paper summarizes the relationship between the specifications of the software assurance common body of knowledge (CBK) and the curricula of software engineering, computer science, and information systems. It identifies where various CBK elements fit within each curriculum and it provides recommendations for additional study based on those findings.
Our society’s growing dependence on software makes the need for effective software assurance imperative. Motivation to address software assurance requires, at a minimum, an understanding of what to do, how to go about it, and why it is needed. Two key foundation elements are principles for software assurance and a curriculum to educate those who must(More)
The question that this panel will explore is the feasibility of specialization within software engineering degree programs, particularly at the undergraduate level. Over the years of software engineering curriculum development, we have seen good success in implementation of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We have also seen that some(More)
The intent of this paper is to examine the basics of the legal, social and ethical issues implicit in commercial data mining ventures. With the advances in middleware and the enhancements to Business Intelligence tools, mining of the virtual data warehouses is expanding faster than the processes that control them. The question is, “How can organizations(More)
The nutrient composition of diets can vary from batch to batch because of variation in the nutrient composition of ingredients. The concentration of fat in distillers grains can be highly variable and, coupled with a high dietary inclusion rate, can result in substantial variation in the fat concentration of the total diet. Our hypothesis was that variation(More)
This paper details the validation of a comprehensive teaching model for security requirements engineering which ensures that security is built into the software from its inception. It centers on the employment of the SQUARE method for secure software requirements engineering, which was developed at Carnegie Mellon University. The effectiveness of the SQUARE(More)
Transient changes in the dry matter (DM) concentration of silages often occur, which will cause transient changes in the ration. To determine the effects of a transient change in silage DM, 24 Holstein cows (116 d in milk) were used in an 8 replicated 3×3 Latin square design with 21-d periods. Treatments were (1) control, (2) unbalanced (UNBAL), and (3)(More)
Dairy scientists specializing in the area of farm management are increasingly involved in analysis of farm investments in fixed assets. There have been instances where the wrong procedures were used to assess investments in fixed assets, leading to erroneous and possibly disastrous conclusions. A detailed case study of a dairy farm facing the decision of(More)
This paper presents a discussion of educational case studies used in security requirements assessment and requirements prioritization. Related to this, it introduces risk understanding as an added dimension to the requirements prioritization process. It should be self-evident that the final product should incorporate the requirements with the greatest(More)