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Package-on-Package (PoP) is one of the major 3D packaging approaches. It vertically combines discrete memory and logic Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages, where one package rests on the top of the other. Recently, PoP technologies have attracted more interests, especially for portable electronics related products and applications. ASTRI has developed a new PoP(More)
In order to devise an equivalent accelerated moisture sensitivity test, the JEDEC specification J-STD-020C has recommended an accelerated preconditioning time of 40 hrs exposure under 60degC / 60% RH, which is considered equivalent to the standard moisture sensitivity level 3 (MSL-3) of 216 hrs soak time under 30degC / 60% RH. However, the existing(More)
Wafer-level dicing tape format die-attach (DA) film and the corresponding lamination method provide a suitable solution for handling thin-wafers. However, such die-attach films typically have a Young's modulus less than 10 MPa at soldering reflow temperature (e.g. 260degC). This introduces a new failure mode, i.e., cohesive failure in the DA film. Through(More)
The package-on-package (PoP) as one of the 3D packaging solutions has been rapidly used in portable products due to its flexibility and testability, but the PoP packaging industry encounters more manufacturability and reliability related issues during new PoP development. To solve the issues, the methodologies of design for manufacturability (DFM) and(More)
A new indicator of drought-induced water stress is introduced and applied at the county level in the USA. Unlike most existing drought metrics, we directly consider current daily water demands and renewable daily water supply to estimate the potential stress. Water stress indices developed include the Normalized Deficit Cumulated to represent multiyear(More)
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