Daniel Sheridan

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We present a syntactic scheme for translating future-time LTL bounded model checking problems into propositional satisfiability problems. The scheme is similar in principle to the Separated Normal Form encoding proposed in [5] and extended to past time in [3]: an initial phase involves putting LTL formulae into a normal form based on linear-time fixpoint(More)
  • D J Sheridan
  • 1993
1. Nurses must recognize that every battered woman is a crime victim. Battered women also are frequently sexually assaulted and raped by their abusive boyfriends or husbands. All states have criminal sexual assault statutes; approximately 40 states have marital rape statutes. 2. Consistent within the clinical knowledge base for domestic violence survivors(More)
Model checking of LTL formulae is traditionally carried out by a conversion to Büchi automata, and there is therefore a large body of research in this area including some recent studies on the use of alternating automata as an intermediate representation. Bounded model checking has until recently been apart from this, typically using a direct conversion(More)
This study examined thematic differences in the multicultural case conceptualization content of 61 psychotherapy trainees across three different cases and trainee demographics (number of multicultural courses completed, years of supervised clinical practicum completed, and White trainee vs. trainee of color). Themes across cases included general counseling(More)