Daniel Sharvit

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The use of shape as a cue for indexing into pictorial databases has been traditionally based on global invariant statistics and deformable templates, on the one hand, and local edge correlation on the other. This paper proposes an intermediate approach based on a characterization of the symmetry in edge maps. The use of symmetry matching as a joint(More)
We discuss a graph-algorithmic approach to comparing shapes. We focus in this paper on comparing simple closed curves in the plane. Our approach is to (1) represent such a shape by its skeleton, which is a tree embedded in the plane, and (2) compare two shapes by comparing their skeletons via tree edit-distance. In this paper, we de ne our version of tree(More)
We adopted whole blood flow cytometry and direct labeling of the CD11b/CD18 and CD62L antigens to study the relationship between their expression and leukocytosis in patients with infection/inflammation, acute stress and healthy volunteers. Mean +/- S.D. channel fluorescence intensity of CD11b/CD18 antigen on peripheral blood polymorphonuclears did not(More)
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