Daniel Sevcovic

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We study the intrinsic heat equation governing the motion of plane curves. The normal velocity v of the motion is assumed to be a nonlinear function of the curvature and tangential angle of a plane curve Γ. By contrast to the usual approach, the intrinsic heat equation is modified to include an appropriate nontrivial tangential velocity functional α. Short(More)
In this paper we propose several techniques for tangential redistribution of points on evolving surfaces. This is an important issue in numerical approximation of any Lagrangian evolution model, since the quality of the mesh has a significant impact on the result of the computation. We explain the volume-oriented and length-oriented tangential(More)
Parametric active contours have been used extensively in computer vision for different tasks like segmentation and tracking. However, all parametric contours are known to suffer from the problem of frequent bunching and spacing out of curve points locally during the curve evolution. In a spline based implementation of active contours, this leads to(More)
In this paper we are interested in term structure models for pricing zero coupon bonds under rapidly oscillating stochastic volatility. We analyze solutions to the generalized Cox–Ingersoll-Ross two factors model describing clustering of interest rate volatilities. The main goal is to derive an asymptotic expansion of the bond price with respect to a(More)
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