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Annotation of digital recordings in humanities research still is, to a large extend, a process that is performed manually. This paper describes the first pattern recognition based software components developed in the AVATecH project and their integration in the annotation tool ELAN. AVATecH (Advancing Video/Audio Technology in Humanities Research) is a(More)
The brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a member of the neurotrophin family, is involved in nerve growth and survival. Especially, a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the BDNF gene, Val66Met, has gained a lot of attention, because of its effect on activity-dependent BDNF secretion and its link to impaired memory processes. We hypothesize that(More)
In birds, a lateralised visual input during early development importantly modulates morphological and functional asymmetries of vision. We tested the hypothesis that human handedness similarly results from a combination of inborn and experience-driven factors by analysing sidedness in children suffering from congenital muscular torticollis. These children(More)
Male alcoholic inpatients with a high incidence of memory blackouts did not differ on several memory measures from subjects with a low incidence of blackouts. Alcoholism chronicity also did not differentiate between subjects on the Wechsler Memory Scale, tests of storage and decay of a memory trace, and maintenance of a concept along a temporal continuum. A(More)
Numerous studies have reported that women believe they are more susceptible to left-right confusion than men. Indeed, some studies have also found sex differences in behavioural tasks. It has been suggested that women have more difficulties with left-right discrimination, because they are less lateralised than men and a lower degree of lateralisation might(More)
We present a lattice-based STD method for German broadcast news data and compare it to a previously proposed fuzzy search. Due to the important out-of-vocabulary (OOV) problem in German, we evaluate suitable subword indexing units for lattice retrieval. Hybrid lattice retrieval of words and subwords is investigated because of the robust nature of words as(More)
Alcoholics were differentiated into two subgroups on the basis of drinking patterns and subjective response to alcohol. Severe drinkers (primary alcoholics) retrospectively reported more symptoms of childhood minimal brain dysfunction than less severe drinkers (secondary alcoholics), psychiatric patients, and normals. The alcoholics as a group reported a(More)
Age related changes in frontal lobe functions are often related to attentional deficits that lead to increased distractibility by irrelevant stimuli. However, attentional functions have been reported not to decline in general with increasing age but simply be too slow to deal properly with distraction in time. Therefore older people might be able to(More)
We describe how complementary search spaces, addressed by two different methods used in Spoken Term Detection (STD), can be merged for German subword STD. We propose fuzzy-search techniques on lattices to narrow the gap between sub-word and word retrieval. The first technique is based on an edit-distance, where no a priori knowledge about confusions is(More)