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This article takes a new approach to gender and housework by identifying a new measure of gender deviance--work in gender-atypical occupations--and by arguing that men who do "women's work" and women who do "men's work" in the labor market may seek to neutralize their gender deviance by doing male- and female-typed work at home. Analysis of data from the(More)
A self-adaptive software system modifies its behavior at runtime in response to changes within the system or in its execution environment. The fulfillment of the system requirements needs to be guaranteed even in the presence of adverse conditions and adaptations. Thus, a key challenge for self-adaptive software systems is assurance. Traditionally,(More)
In recent years it has become more and more evident that the ability of systems to adapt themselves is an increasingly important requirement. This is not least driven by emerging computing trends like Ubiquitous Computing, Ambient Intelligence, and Cyber Physical Systems, where systems have to react on changing user needs, service/device availability and(More)
Marriage patterns differ dramatically in the United States by race and education. The author identifies a novel explanation for these marital divides, namely, the important role of personal wealth in marriage entry. Using event-history models and data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 cohort, the author shows that wealth is an important(More)
Software Product Lines (SPL) and Runtime Adaptation (RTA) have traditionally been distinct research areas addressing different problems and with different communities. Despite the differences, there are also underlying common-alities with synergies that are worth investigating in both domains, potentially leading to more systematic variability support in(More)