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Ahtruct-Multifrequency, multipolarization imaging radar scattering coefficient data sets, acquired by synthetic aperture radar (SAR) over sea-ice, were studied in order to reveal their scale-invariant properties. Two distinct scenes were acquired at C-band (5.6 cm) and L-band (25 cm) wavelengths for three different linear polarizations (HH, VV, and HV).(More)
The complexity of geophysics has been extremely stimulating for developing concepts and techniques to analyze, understand and simulate it. This is particularly true for multifractals and Generalized Scale Invariance. We review the fundamentals, introduced with the help of pedagogical examples, then their abstract generalization is considered. This includes(More)
In part I we considered continuous in scale cascade processes which were are spatially continuous; these are needed for modeling many geofields. In this second part we consider the effects of spatial discretization; this allows us to make numerical simulations. We show how to correct the simulations for the leading finite size effects, for both space and(More)
Cascade processes generically lead to multifractal fields and have been used for simulating turbulent systems-including clouds, rain, temperature, passive scalars and the wind-as well as for solid earth fields such as rock density, magnetization and topography. In spite of their importance, most applications use primitive discrete scale ratio processes(More)
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