Daniel Schütz

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This paper presents the elaboration of a concept to develop and implement real-time capable industrial automation software that increases the dependability of production automation systems by means of soft sensors. An application example with continuous behavior as it is a typical character treat of process automation is used to illustrate the initial(More)
Multi-agent systems (MAS) are used to increase flexibility and reliability of automated production plants, by reducing their control structure's rigidness through the use of autonomous, interacting software agents. This paper comprises a concept for MAS, which are implemented partly on the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)-layer and partly on the field(More)
Flexible plant components can significantly increase the flexibility of manufacturing systems and enable concepts like mass-customized production. This paper presents an approach for production planning and execution for flexible manufacturing system components, based on software agents. The agents are implemented directly on a PLC, making them capable of(More)
Due to fierce competition, short product lifecycles and fluctuating markets, there is an increasing demand for flexible and fault tolerant systems in automated manufacturing. Multi-Agent System (MAS) can help meeting these demands by enabling fast reconfigurations and smart fault handling and compensation. A previously developed MAS, distributed on real(More)
The increasing demand for adaptive and flexible machines and plants raises the need for components and systems that can be dynamically reconfigured. Therefore, production facilities are especially needed to allow for connecting or disconnecting machine modules at runtime to allow for flexible production orders and varying product types. Many highly(More)