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Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is frequently characterized by high resistance to radiotherapy, which critically depends on both altered signaling pathways within tumor cells and their dynamic interaction with the tumor microenvironment. This study evaluated the prognostic value of the phosphorylation status of AKT on Ser473 and Thr308 for the(More)
INTRODUCTION Renal sympathetic denervation (RDN) is a novel treatment option in patients with treatment-resistant arterial hypertension. A subset of recently published randomized and non-randomized trials indicates that RDN leads to sustained lowering of blood pressure (BP) under controlled study conditions. However, registry data that allow evaluation of(More)
INTRODUCTION This controlled, historic cohort study project continues a previously reported trial aiming to assess treatment outcome of direct pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) versus calcium hydroxide (CH). Potential prognostic factors were re-evaluated on the basis of a larger sample size and longer follow-up periods. METHODS Clinical(More)
Although helmet therapy is a widely established method in the treatment of positional plagiocephaly, therapeutic regimens remain contentious, especially regarding starting age. Hence, this study investigated the impact of starting age and severity on the effectiveness of helmet therapy. A total of 213 pediatric patients treated for positional plagiocephaly(More)
Aufgrund fehlender Routinestatistiken des Gesundheitsstatus und der medizinischen Versorgung von Asylsuchenden kommt empirischen Studien eine besondere Rolle bei der Abbildung dieser Aspekte zu. Ziel dieses Reviews ist es, die Forschungslandschaft in diesem Bereich umfassend abzubilden, empirische Erkenntnisse zu synthetisieren und prioritären(More)
PURPOSE The aims of this study are to compare the 30-day rate of bowel obstruction for stapled vs. handsewn closure of loop ileostomy, and to further assess efficacy and safety for each technique by secondary endpoints such as operative time, rates of anastomotic leakage, and other post-operative complications within 30 days. METHODS A systematic(More)
BACKGROUND Parastomal hernia (PH) is the most common complication after ostomy formation. Prophylactic mesh placement may be effective in reducing the rate of PH at the stoma site. The aims of this systematic review were to summarize the evidence with regard to the safety and effectiveness in comparison with the standard procedure without mesh placement and(More)
OBJECTIVE The value of surgery in advanced stages of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ) is still controversial. Hence, we evaluated the effect of surgical therapy in BRONJ stages II and III in combination with a standardized perioperative adjuvant treatment. STUDY DESIGN We included 39 patients who presented with BRONJ in a total of(More)
INTRODUCTION This historical cohort study follows on a previously reported trial, with the aim of assessing the outcome for teeth with root perforations managed by the orthograde placement of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and identifying potential outcome factors for such treatment with a larger sample size and longer follow-up periods than in the first(More)
FMD, whether in the stage of a fibrous cortical defect or a non-ossifying fibroma, possesses very characteristic radiological appearances which rarely make it necessary to resort to biopsy. In order to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to observe strictly the known radiological features: metaphyseal position, clearcut relationships to the cortex, well defined(More)