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Stickybot is a bioinspired robot that climbs smooth vertical surfaces such as glass, plastic, and ceramic tile at 4 cm/s. The robot employs several design principles adapted from the gecko including a hierarchy of compliant structures, directional adhesion, and control of tangential contact forces to achieve control of adhesion. We describe the design and(More)
Recent biological research suggests that reliable, agile climbing on smooth vertical surfaces requires controllable adhesion. In nature, geckos control adhesion by properly loading the compliant adhesive structures on their toes. These strongly anisotropic dry adhesive structures produce large frictional and adhesive forces when subjected to certain(More)
The adhesive and frictional properties of dry adhesive materials can be described by a three-dimensional limit surface in the space of normal and tangential contact forces at the feet. We present the empirically derived limit surface for directional adhesive pads and illustrate its application to controlling the forces at the feet of a robot climbing on(More)
PURPOSE Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) can deliver intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) like dose distributions in a short time; this allows the expansion of IMRT treatments to palliative situations like brain metastases (BMs). VMAT can deliver whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT) with hippocampal avoidance and a simultaneous integrated boost (SIB)(More)
Nowadays, there is a growing need to automatically extract information from texts. In this active research field much effort has been invested to improve the identification and classification of named entities , the detection of time expressions, and the identification of semantic relations between text entities. This paper presents a system that identifies(More)
The use of social networks has shown great potential for information diffusion and formation of public opinion. One key problem that has attracted researchers interest is Topic-based Influence Maximization, that refers to finding a small set of users on a social network that have the ability to influence a substantial portion of users on a given topic. The(More)
Heavy Hitters (HHs) is an application to solve aggregation and summary in data mining, that is, to aggregate elements which belongs to the same group and display a summarized information of the most relevant elements in a database. In a more formal way HHs are defined in a database DB of N elements, given a parameter 0 ≤ φ < 1, as all the data x such that(More)
Craniometric analysis plays an important role in anthropology studies and forensics. This paper presents CraMs, an application using a new craniometric approach based on 3D models of the skull. The main objective is to obtain, through a process supervised by anthropologists, the main points of interest used to compute craniometric measurements. The(More)