Daniel Santoni

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The rise in high speed networks has led to an increased interest in the development of grid computing frameworks; the ubiquity of the broadband Internet connection has fostered widespread development and adoption of peer-to-peer applications. These two technologies provide complementary solutions to the inherent problems associated with distributed(More)
Sequence-based approaches to prokaryotic systematics and typing represent a modern and promising strategy in epidemiology and environmental microbiology. GenEnv, a database-driven system for bacterial typing, was developed in order to provide user friendly tools for supporting biomolecular analysis of bacteria. The family Vibrionaceae represents a(More)
AIMS Microbial family identification of 16S rDNA sequences by applying a strategy based on algorithms for data compression. METHODS AND RESULTS Perl scripts were developed to analyse similarities in microbial sequences, based on a gzip data compression technique. For each bacterial family (n=196) a 16S rRNA reference file was constructed to compare new(More)
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