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Satellites in the orbit of Mars planet provide thousands of images of its surface. Typically these images are analyzed by experts that select relevant features and generate textual reports containing the result of their observations. Nevertheless, the database of images has grown up and currently this procedure is not effective enough. As a result of our(More)
In the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems, one important challenge consists of maintaining updated the electronic panels installed in roads with relevant information expressed in natural language. Currently, these messages are produced by human experts. However, the amount of data to analyze in real time and the number of available experts are(More)
Monitoring the physical activity of a person is used for many applications such as medical assistance, personal security, etc. We use the accelerometers embedded in current mobile phones to identify the physical activities and generate periodical linguistic reports which describe relevant information about the activities carried out, their intensities and(More)
Satellites situated in the orbit of Mars have provided and continue providing thousand of images of the planet surface. Nevertheless the number of expert geologists analyzing these images is limited. Typically, these experts provide linguistic descriptions of their observations remarking the relevant features in the image and ignoring the irrelevant details(More)
In previous works, we have developed some computational models of quasi-periodic phenomena based on Fuzzy Finite State Machines. Here, we extend this work to allow designers to obtain detailed linguistic descriptions of relevant amplitude and temporal changes. We include several examples that will help to understand and use this new resource for linguistic(More)
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