Daniel Salyer

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Histologic features similar to those present in angiosarcomas were found in organizing thrombi. Within the thrombi, freely anastomosing small channels, often lined by one or more layers of prominent, occasionally atypical, endothelial cells were noted. Papillary-like projections of organizing thrombus material lined by similar cells heightened the(More)
BACKGROUND The "contrast blush" (CB) computed tomographic (CT) scan finding has often been used clinically as an indicator for therapeutic splenic intervention (SI) (splenectomy, splenorrhaphy, or angiographic embolization). We sought to examine the prognostic significance of this finding. METHODS The records and CT scans of 324 trauma patients from two(More)
Evidence for the development of the cardiac myxoma from organizing thrombi has been presented previously. In this study, many of the features of the myxoma were observed in organizing thrombi in arteries and veins. Individual undifferentiated mesenchymal cells, cords of similar cells, vascular bud-like cellular aggregates, fibroblasts, well-formed vessels,(More)
Three patients with carcinoid tumors of the anterior mediastinum are described. Study of these patients and an analysis of previously reported cases indicates that the thymus is the primary site of these tumors, which are probably related to the presence of Kulchitsky cells in normal thymus. These neoplasms differ clinically and anatomically from(More)
Twenty-eight pulmonary carcinoid tumors were reviewed histologically and clinically. Hematoxylin-and-eosin-stained sections were utilized, as well as special stains, including the argyrophil and argentaffin reactions. The 22 tumors located centrally, at the level of primary or segmental bronchi, had a microscopic appearance distinct from those located more(More)
The examination of 40 benign developmental cysts of the mediastinum from the surgical pathology files supports the previous conclusions in the literature about these lesions. In distinguishing bronchogenic from esophageal cysts, the lining epithelium is not helpful, but the presence of two muscle layers in esophageal cysts and bronchial glands or bronchial(More)