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Clinical and radiographic data for 15 McKee-Farrar hip replacements that had failed because of aseptic loosening (4 stem loosening, 9 cup loosening, and 2 loosening of both components) between 0.6 and 21 years (average, 8.3 years) were compared with 15 hips in which the McKee-Farrar total hip replacement has survived between 21 and 26 years. Hips that(More)
3-phenyl-propynenitrile (PPN) adsorbs on Cu(111) in a hexagonal network of molecular trimers formed through intermolecular interaction of the cyano group of one molecule with the aromatic ring of its neighbor. Heptamers of trimers coalesce into interlocking pinwheel-shaped structures that, by percolating across islands of the original trimer coverage,(More)
Acetylene on Cu(111) is investigated by scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM); a surface pattern previously derived from diffraction measurements can be validated, if the variation of the STM image transfer function through absorption of an acetylene molecule onto the tip apex is taken into account. Density functional theory simulations point to a balance(More)
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