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FIP-3 (14.7K interacting protein) was discovered during a search for cell proteins that could interact with an adenovirus protein (Ad E3-14.7K) that had been shown to prevent tumor necrosis factor(More)
To localize the protease(s) involved in shedding of tumor necrosis factor receptors (TNF-R) from activated neutrophils (PMN) (Porteu, F., and C. Nathan (1990) J. Exp. Med. 172, 599-607), we tested(More)
PURPOSE The neutrophilic dermatoses are a group of skin diseases mainly characterized by an infiltration of the skin by normal polymorphonuclears, without any identifiable (infectious) cause. In this(More)
Since 1979, 29 patients with intraepidermal IgA detected by direct immunofluorescence have been reported. A review shows that they have a cutaneous disease clinically similar to subcorneal pustular(More)