Daniel S. Stevens

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We investigate miscibility transitions of two different ternary lipid mixtures, DOPC/DPPC/Chol and POPC/PSM/Chol. In vesicles, both of these mixtures of an unsaturated lipid, a saturated lipid, and cholesterol form micron-scale domains of immiscible liquid phases for only a limited range of compositions. In contrast, in monolayers, both of these mixtures(More)
Two approaches to stabilize viral nucleic acid in processed clinical specimens were evaluated. HIV-1 RNA extracted from clinical specimens was stabilized in a dry matrix in a commercial product (RNAstable, Biomatrica, San Diego, CA, USA) and in a reverse-transcription reaction mixture in liquid form as cDNA. As few as 145 HIV-1 genome copies of viral RNA(More)
Deficiencies of vitamin A and iron affect a significant portion of the world's population, and efforts to characterize patterns of these deficiencies are hampered by a lack of measurement tools appropriate for large-scale population-based surveys. Vitamin A and iron are not easily measured directly, so reliable proxy markers for deficiency status have been(More)
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