Daniel S Owens

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PURPOSE Vein pouch aneurysms are the most commonly created experimental lesions in neuroendovascular research. We sought to determine whether an experimental aneurysm that is derived from a pancreatic elastase-digested arterial sac (EDASA) models the histology and morphology of human cerebral aneurysms more accurately than the vein pouch aneurysm does. (More)
PURPOSE We report on the evolution in one institution from transarterial embolization for the treatment of dural arteriovenous fistulas of the lateral and sigmoid sinuses to the safer and more durable technique of transvenous endovascular therapy for the majority of these lesions. METHODS Arterial, venous, and combined embolizations were performed for 24(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the protective effects of various periprocedural interventions in the prevention of cerebral ischemia as a complication of endovascular carotid sacrifice (ECS). METHODS Thirty-two cases of ECS performed at our institution, between October 1987 and July 1998, were reviewed. Fifteen patients underwent superficial temporal(More)
INTRODUCTION Use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants ("affiliates") is increasing significantly in the intensive care unit (ICU). Despite this, few data exist on how affiliates allocate their time in the ICU. The purpose of this study was to understand the allocation of affiliate time into patient-care and non-patient-care activity, further(More)
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