Daniel S. Morris

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There were no post-surgical complications which is supported by the continued ability to record neural activity. No adverse events or other study-related complications have been reported. Safety assessments include daily checks of connector, weekly nurse visits, and monthly physician exams including neurological and mental status exams. The BrainGate System(More)
In biological tissues water is ubiquitous and constantly in motion. This motion of water within biological tissues is called diffusion. The diffusion of water is constrained by, and correlated with, micro-structure of the tissues. Volume images of diffusion rate measurements can be acquired with magnetic resonance imaging [1]. We produce geometric models(More)
Primary motor cortex (M1), a key region for voluntary motor control, has been considered a first choice as the source of neural signals to control prosthetic devices for humans with paralysis. Less is known about the potential for other areas of frontal cortex as prosthesis signal sources. The frontal cortex is widely engaged in voluntary behavior.(More)
PURPOSE To investigate changes of intraocular pressure on ascent to high altitude. METHODS The Apex 2 medical research expedition provided the opportunity to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) and central corneal thickness (CCT) in 76 healthy lowlanders. They all arrived in La Paz, Bolivia (altitude, 3700 m), where they spent 4 days before being driven(More)
Introduction. Inverted papilloma (IP) is an uncommon, benign yet aggressive neoplasm characterised by high recurrence rates and tendency towards malignant transformation. The majority of IP cases originate in the ethmoid region, lateral wall of the nasal fossa, and maxillary sinus. The authors report a case of an IP originating primarily from the(More)
OBJECTIVES Several studies have shown deterioration in colour vision at altitudes above 3,000m. These studies have been conducted in photopic (bright daylight) conditions, whereas many military operations take place in mesopic (dim light) conditions. Data suggests that the tritan colour vision axis (blue cones, TA) are more susceptible to hypoxic insult(More)
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