Daniel S. McConnell

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BACKGROUND Cortisol is frequently used as a marker of physiologic stress levels. Using cortisol for that purpose, however, requires a thorough understanding of its normal longitudinal variability. The current understanding of longitudinal variability of basal cortisol secretion in women is very limited. It is often assumed, for example, that basal cortisol(More)
Modern tools often separate the visual and physical aspects of operation, requiring users to manipulate an instrument while viewing the results indirectly on a display. This can pose usability challenges particularly in applications, such as laparoscopic surgery, that require a high degree of movement precision. Magnification used to augment the view and,(More)
An empirical study was carried out comparing three kinds of hands-on practice in training users of a software package; exercises, guided-exploration, and a combination of exercises and guided-exploration. Moderate to high experience computer users were trained. Subjects who were trained with exercises or the combined approach did significantly better in(More)
In this paper we suggest that differing approaches to the science of social cognition mirror the arguments between radical embodied and traditional approaches to cognition. We contrast the use in social cognition of theoretical inference and mental simulation mechanisms with approaches emphasizing a direct perception of others' mental states. We build from(More)
The current experiment suggests that the speed/accuracy tradeoff is composed of two classes of constraints, effector and task. We examined the effects of movement distance, target size, orientation of the movement in the workspace, and C-D gain on the kinematics of discrete pointing movements made with computer mouse. It was found that target size(More)
In this article we report a simple and efficient method for detecting nonsteroidal estrogens in a biologic sample. This method uses polyclonal antibodies to estradiol (E2) to immunoprecipitate these major biologically active steroidal estrogens, leaving behind the nonsteroidal estrogens, which are then detected in a cell-based transcriptional activation(More)
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