Daniel S. H. Chan

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The essential enzyme CYP121 is a target for drug development against antibiotic resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A triazol-1-yl phenol fragment 1 was identified to bind to CYP121 using a cascade of biophysical assays. Synthetic merging and optimization of 1 produced a 100-fold improvement in binding affinity, yielding lead compound 2 (KD =(More)
The general practice teaching clinic at the Chinese University of Hong Kong uses a microcomputerbased medical record system. To implement a uniform and up-to-date health maintenance programme, a set of protocols has been written for a list of health maintenance items, and the computer has been programmed to identify the items which should be carried out at(More)
systematics of Zopfiella and allied genera: evidence from multi-gene sequence analyses. (2006). Variation between freshwater and terrestrial fungal communities on decaying bamboo culms. (2006). LC-MS analysis of antifouling agent Irgarol 1051 and its decyclopropylated degradation product in seawater from marinas in Hong Kong. Talanta 70: 91-96. Burrow(More)
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